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Foshan W & M Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd
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To take an idea from concept to product. To meet and exceed world market expectations with elegant and technical solutions for showering industry.

W&M was established in 2001. The company brought together a strong business team. Mr Zhu Jianguo an accomplished engineer with a background in safety glass and shower enclosures and Mr.Fu Yiqin a skilled and professional salesman from the sanitary ware industry. The two men together saw an opportunity in the rapidly developing bathroom industry for a fresh professional approach. The business is built upon a strong base of technical customers. They are now one of the biggest OEM suppliers in China.

They are now based in their purpose built manufacturing plant located close to Guangzhou international ports and airports. The plant has been fully equipped with modern production tools and equipment sourced around the world. The research and technical department uses all current computer aided design technology and support. The international sales department has fast communication links. There is a strong team of committed and skilled people drawn from across China. This impressive package of ability, skills, capacity and knowledge is ready to rise to any new challenge given.

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